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Photorealistic / Artistic visualisations

We specialize into providing high quality animation outsourcing services to professional architects and developers. Our focus is on satisfying our clients with artistic and accurate renderings which are emphasizing on the essential features of their product.


3D modelling / Technical drawings

IRM can provide you with excellent 3D modeling services for any project that you create. Our team's exceptional skills are matched by our experience and technology to speed up your product development process through 3D modeling. 

We create  technical and conceptual drawings that are accurate, functional and reliable and meet all our clients' requirements.

Project layouts

Our team of young architects could bring your concept and idea to life by creating competetive project layouts, based on exsisting architectural plans. 

Your work is organized and presented as a winning design proposal.


Interactive exposé

Our team provides a preparation of a pdf based expose as an architectural service. Your work is presented in attractive and appealing way. The interactive presentation allows the client to approach the project via all its aspects and perspectives. The document is easily distributed and makes the communication between building contractors and clients easier and more profitable.


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