• Simulation

  • Availability of data

  • As-Built information

  • Facility Management


  • Interior

  • Exterior

  • Photorealistic

  • Artistic


  • 3D modeling

  • 2D Digitalization

  • Fire protection plans


We specialize in providing highly detailed and photorealistic renderings, based on our clients' CAD files, sketches, photos and other reference material. Our solid understanding of architecture, building construction, landscape and interior design helps us in developing accurate images that represent our customers' products and ideas. Our visualisation services range across highly detailed realistic exterior and interior design and images focused on a more artistic and conceptual outlook. Choosing the right render style can bring extra impact to your presentations and media. We also provide reliable photomontages of how a proposed development will look and how it will impact on its surroundings.



BIM (Building Information Modeling) is an intelligent 3D model-based process. It gives architecture, engineering, and construction professionals the insight and tools to more efficient planing, design and construction. This is a process involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of objects.



We offer to our clients design, drafting, detailing, interactive presentation and CAD services for residential and commercial projects. The main goal of our team is to deliver high quality materials that represent our customers' products and concept ideas. With the help of latest software equipment in the industry we are allowed to meet the highest requirements. Our clients vary from architects, developers, interior designers and engineers or any service looking for all types of architectural presentation and/or CAD work.

We are specializing in digitization of fire protection plans in all stages of project, including drawing of the current state of the building and concept-planing solutions.



Teofana Haralampieva
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